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Ashwani and me in Simla. This building in background used to be Viceroy's House -- when Simla used to be India's summer capital.

Ashwani and me sitting in Himachal Pradesh Univeristy campus in Simla. No no no -- we didnt get to sudy there.

The mountaineous rugged road looks dangerous and we were on our 2-wheelers -- it was real fun. Photo taken on our trip to Nahan in Himachal. In pic: Sameer Vivek and me.

Snow Point in Manali, Himachal. Snow never melts here and it was June ( hottest month ? ) when we went there. Ashwani Ramesh and me were singing "Chappa Chappa" when this photo was taken.

Another photo from our trip to Nahan. This time we were giving rest to our vehicles on a somewhat open area in hills. In pic: Omesh Vivek Sameer and our vehicles.

Manali at night. We had just come from Hidimba Mandir. In pic: Ashwani Ramesh and me.

Omesh and me boating in Renuka Sagar lake in Himachal. No crowds .. absolute peace...

Me and Navneet in South Ex area of Delhi. Not in photo: Ashwani. He was clicking our pic.

Vivek and me appear in this nicely taken photo -- during our trip to Nahan. We were facing a beautiful steep waterfall, but the sun was shining just above it.

Thats the aeronautical lab of our college. And these are actual age-old planes. Me and Navneet.

Hostel. Friends. Dance. Say more? C'mon move your body.... Ashwani Ajesh Sunil me Ramesh Paras Vivek Sameer.

S E N D   M A I L

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