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Hey where is everybody looking. This photo is of toss at HPS cricket 1999 finals. And all eyes are on the coin. What a photo !

Farewell treat given by Pandu -- all guests in a line for a photo shoot with him ( in Black-T ) .

Same treat given by Pandey -- and we found time to kid a little. Saurabh was a bit unlucky -- this photo was clicked half a second earlier he expected.

Main entrance of new building of our office.

That is ( was ) my seat. With a wallpaper of Demi Moore in a shy-ing away pose. Suro me and Venky otherwise in photo.

3T = Triumph Thru Teamwork. This program was held in hills of Sat-tal ( near to Nainital in UP ). Me Natraj Saurabh and NM in pic.

Another photo at Sat-tal ( sat = 7 and tal = lake; means land of 7 lakes ). This lake is Bhima Lake.

Team drinks after a cricket match. In pic: Ramesh Chetan me NM Piyush and Avinash.

Group photo at 3T adventure camp. A total of 32 were there -- and all in same T-shirts specially for the occasion.

S E N D   M A I L

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