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NM Singh, Nikhil and me in final party at farewell. Shammi is missing from the group that got jobs in same company.

Hey thats a newly painted train engine in our college. And we are on top of it. In pic: Ramesh Mohit Bhupinder Ashwani and Sunil.

Resting on our way to Mata Naina Devi in Himachal. In pic: Ashwani Gurpreet Bhupinder Navneet and Hermeek.

At Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh. All 5 -- Navneet Amit Vijay Lovekesh Bhupinder -- in different moods and poses.

Sukhna lake same day -- Vijay Lovekesh me Amit and Bhupinder.

The "Cooling Point" of our college -- in front our department. Thats where everybody cooled off -- currently Amit Ashwani Rajesh Randhir Ashwani and Mayank are...

Sukhna lake again. In pic: Mayank Ashwani Vijay me and Amit.

Thats a pic you dont see many times. In front of a huge waterfall just before Rohtang Pass in Himalayas. Ramesh me and Ashwani.

More cooling at "Cooling Point". And what a crowd this time.

Dancing at our farewell party. These guys -- Amit and Navneet did not find any girls to dance with.

The girls were here. Navneet Seema Anamika Gursharan Usha Smitha and Manisha.

Thats a technical institute -- Centre for Electronics Design Technology. We -- Navneet me Ravinder Ashwani and Bhupinder -- were on industrial training and just stopped at the main gate for a photo.

Walking thru the corridors. On our right are Drawing Halls of our College. Even this pic is crowded.

Farewell guys -- Salaria and Manish dancing to a Nagin tune ( probably -- I dont remember ).

Photo in our department. Shammi Sunil Rashim Hermeek Ashwani Bhupinder Ashwani Tarun and Gurpreet.

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